One of the project I liked more during presentations is the one from Group 1 formed by Simone Amico, Matteo Foglio and Andrea Milanta.

Office overview

The first thing a user entering the office notices is the giant aquarium that covers all the wall. It contains several fishes and jellyfishes that moves into the water creating a very relaxing atmosphere. The choice to make it as big as a wall is weird for an office but is amazing to experience in virtual reality.

Aquarium and the soda vending machine

What I liked is the possibility to actively interact with many objects that give back a feedback to the user. The desktop computers that turn on when touched and the soda vending machine that provides soda bottles when the big button over it is pushed.

The background music can be changed using big buttons on the wall. Despite having buttons in an office wall is odd, it gives the possibility to the user to control music in an easy and intuitive way. In contrast with the noise of the music in the office it is possible to go inside a silent room isolated by the main room. In this room all sounds from outside are filtered creating and impressive realistic effect.
Into this room there are also musical instrument the user can interact with playing different melodies.

Silent room

Light can be controlled too and there is the possibility to light on very colored disco lights that paired with the choice of proper music can give the user a very immersive disco experience that is funny in an office. When the light is off it is also possible to see some objects that remain lighten on like the Arduino board in the desk which light color can also be changed interacting with it.

So, despite the space in the room could be used better, this project is one of the best I have seen because of the great effort put to create original interactions the user can have with the objects and the unique experience he can enjoy in the room.