One of the projects I liked more during presentations is the one from Aldo Alvarez (Group 9) for a lot of reasons.

First, I think that the space was well used. The office was divided in a smart way to contain different areas but in a tidy way separating them with walls or wisely using furniture.
Despite all the space is used, moving inside the office is easy and is possible to reach any place in the room without using the teleport and the experience is realistic.

Office space utilization

I really appreciated the style of the office, the chosen furniture is consistent and has been very well combined with the other objects like plants and ornaments to create a very comfortable environment.
Another important aspect in creating a very stylish room is the choice of the colors. The decision of using colored furniture like chairs and shelves and a very colorful ceiling decoration, matching with the neutral color of the walls and of the floor created a very harmonious space.

In the office there are also a lot of objects the user can interact with. While it is difficult to play ping-pong, it is quite easy to remove and add pieces from the Jenga tower providing the user a satisfying experience of the game.

Jenga tower

What I really liked is the smart choice to put into the room, instead of a classic musical instrument, that would be very hard to play, some colored “music boxes”. These are cubes with a collider and each one plays a different sound when touched. It is very easy to interact using wands and allow the user to create his own simple melody.

music boxes
Music boxes

The lights are controllable and in addition to switch them on and off, in the meeting room, they can also be regulated in intensity using proper switches. This feature gives the possibility to the user to customize the experience as he prefers.

Furthermore, the user is actively involved, having the possibility to originally interact with many objects.